My Story

I used to say that I wasn’t even sure if I wanted children. For many years I would tell people that if I had married a man who didn’t want children I would be OK with that. I was never that woman who felt the need to have a baby or be a mother. Then I made it into my late 20’s and my friends started to have children and even though I still felt uncertain I decided it was time for me to start trying as well.

At this point I had been on birth control for 10 years straight. I would take my the 1 week break each month and have a “period” but I hadn’t been off the pill for any length of time since I was 16.

In January of 2015, still really unsure if I was ready to have kids, I went off the pill and I didn’t get a period. In April of 2015, my husband and I ditched all protection while on vacation in Hawaii. In May of 2015 I started having severe hot flashes and night sweats. I went to my family doctor to get my hormones checked and my levels came back very high. I finally had my first cycle after going off birth control in June of 2015, then two weeks later I had another cycle that lasted 10 days! I had day 3 bloodwork done, my levels were still high.

In September I was referred to an OB-GYN and it took me two months to get an appointment. In November I had another cycle and had more day 3 bloodwork done. My levels were still very high (at their highest I think my FSH hit 131). I saw the OB-GYN in November and they sent me for a whole ‘nother batch of tests and then referred me to the fertility clinic in a city 2.5 hours away with a tentative diagnosis of Premature Ovarian Failure (POF).

My husband and I went to the fertility clinic at the end of January 2016 and were given the official diagnosis of Premature Ovarian Failure (POF). I also had my AMH tested at that time and it came back at <0.08, which means I have very few eggs. Certainly not as many eggs as a healthy 27 year old should have.

And here I am, ready to try it all – weekly acupuncture, chinese herbs, a gluten free and dairy free diet, supplements, cutting back on exercise, whatever it takes! In 12 – 18 months if I have not been successful at lowering my FSH through natural means I will finally be ready to consider donor egg IVF, but until then I will do everything within my power to get pregnant naturally.

Thanks for reading!

PS: I have found a lot of hope by reading this blog:


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