Doing my research

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I recently ordered these two books off of Amazon and also purchased It starts with the egg: How the science of egg quality can help you get pregnant on my kindle.

Now I already am someone who spends a lot of time reading for pleasure, and it’s one of my favourite hobbies, so I admit I’m not spending as much time reading these books as I would like to. But I have been spending about 15 minutes reading The Infertility Cure every night while I sip on my cup of raspberry tea. I wanted to share two passages from it that had me vigorously nodding my head:

“Shouldn’t the goal be to help the patient’s body function at the highest possible level, with all systems, including reproduction, working as designed? Shouldn’t the best kind of treatment focus not on curing individual symptoms but rather on restoring balance to entire systems that are out of whack?” 

I’ve really noticed this in dealing with Western Medicine. I’ve heard from OB’s “oh well your hormones are high so we will put you on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to regulate that.” Well, no, WHY are my hormones so high and out of whack? I am only 27 years old. There must be a reason my body is acting this way. This is why I’ve been consistently seeing the TCM doctor and also taking sooo many herbal supplements and trying to make dietary changes. If I can restore the balance in my body I absolutely want to do that.

“I advise you to devour all the knowledge you can about fertility. Take control of your own health, and trust yourself. No one is in tune with your body like you are. You have to learn to trust your instincts until your individual solution emerges. Above all, know that you are not broken; you are not deficient. No matter what the outcome of your own personal journey, you are whole.”

This passage meant so much to me. The diagnosis of infertility and especially of Premature Ovarian Failure, has been so so difficult to handle and has made me ask the universe over and over again why this is happening to me. What did I do to my body to make this happen? Why can my body not do the one thing it’s “supposed” to do as a woman? It’s an incredibly difficult thing to deal with and some days are certainly harder than others.

This passage really stood out to me and was an important reminder that all I can do is trust myself and do everything within my power to try and lower my hormones and strengthen the quality of the eggs I do have left. I am so glad I did trust my instincts and started pushing to be referred to an OBGYN after only 5 months of being off birth control rather than waiting the usual 1 – 2 years many women do! I am so much further ahead today simply because of that.

Anyways, I will continue to post as I make my way through these books but even though I’m only a few chapters into it I highly recommend The Infertility Cure!


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