Big changes ahead!

Whew! It’s been awhile since I posted on here. Lots has happened in the last 3 weeks. Since the end of November a lot of my thoughts and decisions have completely revolved around my POF diagnosis. Then a couple of weeks ago a really amazing, crazy, big, scary opportunity fell into my lap and I was offered a fantastic career opportunity in my hometown.


So as of next Thursday I am done at my current job and 6 weeks from now we will be moving across the province.

One of the many reasons this job was so appealing is the significant pay raise will make infertility treatments much less financially taxing down the road. One of the cons was moving much further away from the fertility clinic and doctor we have already been seeing. But in the end the pros outweighed the cons and we decided to take the leap.


I’m not sure how much I will post on this blog during the whole transition and moving process that will happen over the next 6 weeks but I will definitely check in every once in awhile with updates on my hormones / body and of course an update once we figure out a timeline for doing treatments.

I think the fact that I’m so much younger than most when I found out has a lot to do with me being hesitant. I mean I’m only 27 years old, the idea of doing IVF just sounds so crazy and intense and expensive. If I was 30 – 35 I’m sure I would be jumping on it but right now I’m taking this whole new job opportunity as a sign that I need to focus on something other than making a baby for a little while.