4 months later…

Oh hi. Here I am, four months later, with a bit of an update.

Honestly, I quit thinking about fertility for the last four months. I focused on moving, wrapping up at my old job, starting my new job, moving, a bit of traveling and a lot of time with family. We packed up our home of five years at the end of April and moved 1,000 km away. Luckily we were moving back to our hometown, so we had lots of family support. We then put all of our things (that we didn’t sell – we sold a lot of stuff) into my grandmothers garage and proceeded to stay in her guest room for all of May and most of June. The last week of June we moved right next door (it’s a duplex!) and finally got into our own space. In that time period my husband also had one contract job then started another new, permanent and full-time job and we traveled to Toronto.

It was a whirlwind.

The hot flashes and night sweats also came back with a vengeance and I just couldn’t handle them along with everything else I was going through. So I went onto HRT (Hormone replacement therapy). I take 2mg of estrace (estrogen) every day and it really helps keep things in check. I take 10mg of provera (progesterone) the last 10 days of each month and then I get a bleed. It is NOT birth control, I *could* get pregnant on these hormones if my body spontaneously ovulates, but that is very unlikely, like less than 5%. Anyways, they help keep me sane because hot flashes and night sweats are not pretty.

Once we moved at the end of April my supplements got packed up and I basically stopped taking them. My basal body temperature thermometer got packed up and I quit taking my temperature. I quit acupuncture. I ate like crap because I ate tons of my grandmas amazing homemade baking and basically whatever else I could get my hands on. After 6 weeks of that I was feeling completely rundown and just all around crappy. It was time to take my health back into my own hands.

During this entire time I had an appointment booked for July 11 with my fertility doctor to go over the Superovulation treatment we are going to pursue. So at the beginning of June I decided I needed to start preparing for that treatment. I did Whole30 (just finished 2 days ago) and cut out all gluten, dairy, legumes, sugar and alcohol for 30 days, I started taking my supplements again and I started thinking about my fertility again.

My last natural cycle that I believe was triggered by an ovulation was November 2015. I had such high hopes that the supplement / diet changes would help but I didn’t really see much of a difference and I still haven’t gotten a cycle. At this point, I have abandoned trying to get pregnant naturally while we move forward with fertility treatments. After 18 months off of birth control and 15 months of actively trying to get pregnant I am ready for the next step.

I will blog about the treatment plans in the next blog post – but I just wanted to give some context to where I am at right now.

Thanks for reading.


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