Infertility is a Disease

One thing I want to address on this blog is some of the common misconceptions that artificial insemination, fertility treatments etc. are unnatural. Since struggling with getting pregnant I’ve heard any number of the following many times; if you just relax you’ll get pregnant; stop thinking about it; give it time; your body just needs to get the birth control out of your system (18 months later I think it’s out!). I know that everyone means well and is coming from a place of kindness and compassion, but I want to use this blog as a bit of an educational tool as well as talking about my firsthand experience.

Now, I have an actual condition that has been diagnosed by multiple tests. If I said to you “I was just diagnosed with brain cancer” would you say ‘just relax, it’ll cure itself.’

I don’t think so.

Due to my age and where I am at in my life, I am focusing on the most frustrating side effect of my disease right now: the inability to conceive. However, Premature Ovarian Failure has a number of other nasty side effects I will need to address next, such as a significant decrease in bone density (often resulting in diagnoses of osteoporosis) and increased risk for breast cancer (which already runs in my family).

Just like if I was to be diagnosed with cancer, osteoporosis or any other number of diseases, I would then seek treatment for those diseases which is exactly what I’m doing right now for my infertility. I think we can all agree it’s not ‘unnatural’ to seek treatment for a disease. However, since the World Health Organization only classified infertility as a disease in 2009, I can understand why there are so many misconceptions out there about it.

PS: No side effects to report from the Clomid so far. Taking dosage #2 at lunch today.




One thought on “Infertility is a Disease

  1. This is something I struggle with because the Catholic church has strict guidelines about fertility/creation of life. So for instance, it goes against church teachings to have IVF. I haven’t really looked into the theological basis for that part of the dogma, but if I was in your shoes and wasn’t able to get pregnant on my own, I would really struggle with that teaching because it’s obviously completely out of your hands and it’s not fair that people aren’t able to do what they need to do to get pregnant.

    I’m sorry people have made comments to you about fertility treatments being unnatural. I wish they would put themselves in your shoes before making comments.


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