1st gonal f injection…check!


First belly injection = done. It definitely wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I’m glad I’ve got the relatively ‘easy’ Gonal-F injections right now as I’ve heard some horror stories about the pain of some of the other injectibles.

Today was a big drug day with my regularly 100 mg dose of Clomid this afternoon followed by my first Gonal-F injection this evening. I was extra emotional today and spent the majority of the day in bed or on the couch. I also had Dairy Queen poutine and a blizzard for dinner. Yup.

Tomorrow morning we go for our first set of blood work. Though I hope it shows positive numbers, I know there is a good chance it won’t. I still haven’t heard back from the nurse about getting more blood work done this week so hopefully I will be able to chat with her about that Monday or Tuesday.

Come on little follicles! Grow, grow, grow!


One thought on “1st gonal f injection…check!

  1. The Gonal-F injections were by far the easiest out of all the injectibles we did along the way, glad you also had a fairly easy experience with them as well. Also, I meant to comment on your previous post, but I’ll just post it here instead, Clomid made me crazy, so you are not alone in feeling out of sorts. I’ve been keeping you in my positive thoughts this week, hoping for some good news!


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