The results thus far…

Your results on July 25th = Estrogen 253, LH=41.2, Prog= 6.5

Results on July 26th = Estrogen 198, LH=42.5, Prog= 9.3

Normal hormones before stimulation are- Estrogen= <200, LH= <5,  Prog= <2

Your day 3 hormones were (these are from January) = Estrogen= 243, LH= 27, Prog=  not done

The above was an email that came in from the nurse this afternoon. Because she is 1.5 days delayed getting my results due to me living in a teeny tiny rural community she has only had Monday and Tuesday results so far. On Monday my estrogen level was 253 and on Tuesday it was down to 198. That is the WRONG direction, estrogen!!

The nurse did say that it is quite possible my body is just stimulating slower than others, which has been known to happen. I’m to keep taking my 150 dose of Gonal-F each night for the next three nights and also get bloodwork done tomorrow and Friday. I’m also booked in for a scan on Sunday morning at the fertility clinic in Kelowna, but we may cancel that depending on what my blood work looks like over the next two days.

So back to waiting and getting poked with needles. I’m giving myself an injection each evening, getting my blood drawn every single morning (which is another shit show in itself – I have to go to the hospital at 5 AM to get my number and then I go back at 7:30am to wait and then usually don’t get my blood drawn until about 8:15am. Thank freaking god I only live a couple minutes away from the hospital.) and I’m getting acupuncture every second day so I am just getting poked with needles like crazy right now. I might spring a leak soon!

Anyways, back to the waiting game. I am not feeling optimistic at all but I guess all I can do now is wait and see…


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