Cycle Cancelled

Chatted with the nurse today and the recommendation from the doctor was to cancel the cycle. No scan on Sunday and not taking my last two Gonal-F injections. I didn’t get the full details of my results but I know that my estrogen continued to go down and my progesterone dropped considerably which is a sign that the medications were not stimulating my body to ovulate – or even to recruit a follicle.

Anyways, I am heading off on holidays tomorrow and I’m gone all next week. I’m going to attempt to take a break from thinking about the whole infertility thing. On Monday, August 8 I have a phone appointment with my doctor and I’m going to be asking for a referral to Genesis Fertility Clinic in Vancouver and pursue IVF through them this fall.

Thanks so much for all of your messages, good thoughts and support during this first treatment cycle.


2 thoughts on “Cycle Cancelled

  1. Thinking of you! Enjoy your holiday. Unplugging from all the fertility talk and stress is needed. But hard I know!! Hope your phone appt goes well in August.


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