Our fertility meds were covered by benefits!

Popping in from my vacation to share the amazing news that I just logged into my online banking to see a $900 reimbursement from my health benefits for the Gonal-F medication! They also already reimbursed me the $63 for the Clomid but I had to send the Gonal F receipt in since it was over $600. This is almost unheard of, very few benefit plans actually cover fertility stuff in Canada. Upon further googling it seems like Great West Life (where my benefits are through) is pretty good at covering fertility drugs and some plans cover up to $10,000 in medication! I am going to call my benefits provider next week and find out exactly what the coverage is.

Even better, my husband works at the same company as me so he is going to sign up for benefits as well so hopefully we can also get reimbursement through his benefits.

So even though this first cycle didn’t work and it cost us $1,713 ($963 for the meds and $750 for the ‘orientation’ appointment), we got almost $1,000 of that back so really it was only a $750 cost to us plus my travel. And any costs not covered by benefits such as travel and orientation appointments and such are a tax write-off.

This is a huge relief to know we can try more treatment cycles and try different combinations of medications and not have to worry about draining our own savings account (at least not as much).

I will report back after my doctors appointment on August 8 about what next steps are.


4 thoughts on “Our fertility meds were covered by benefits!

  1. That is great news about the coverage! You guys have the system right/much better than we do here in the States (as far as I understand it, anyway). Thinking of you and look forward to the next update. Hope you’re hanging in there. ❤


  2. Oh my gosh, that is awesome! I mean, that should be a standard but I know that it isn’t. What a pleasant surprise to get that reimbursement, especially since you are in house hunting mode so need every dollar you have!!


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