A long awaited update

Hi hi! Ok, I know it’s taken awhile to update after my doctors appointment on August 8 but a lot of things were up in the air and I wanted to wait until I had more answers. Well I still don’t have very many answers and have no idea what my body is doing, but I will try to update anyways…

On August 8 I told my doctor that I’d recently found out that through our new company we have $10,000 towards fertility medications ($5,000 each) and we want to use ALL that money on trying with *my* eggs. If we do donor eggs we can always do that in a few years and take the time to save the money.

So, with that in mind, she wants to try one more less aggressive cycle before moving onto the more aggressive medication cycles that are similar to what you see for patients doing IVF.

Right now, it’s all about finding some medications to stimulate my body to recruit a follicle and less about doing IUI vs. IVF. We just need to figure out what meds will do SOMETHING to my body and then go on to either IUI or IVF depending on what exactly those medications do, how many follicles are created and etc.

Anyways, we decided to do another Gonal-F cycle but this time we will do Letrazole instead of Clomid for the first 4 days and we will also stim for longer, at least 8 – 10 days. There is a lady in one of my Facebook groups who has very similar numbers to me — 0.07 AMH, 29 FSH and she got pregnant on just Letrazole and an IUI. So my doctor said we’d try it.

Before going back on HRT I had to go and get my baseline bloodwork done and low and behold my estrogen levels were super high – over 900. My doctor called me on Friday to say this likely means my body is trying to recruit a follicle and have lots of sex and I’ll likely ovulate in the next week or two.

Then this morning I woke up to a bleed. WTF!! On the positive note, this is my body getting a cycle and a bleed all by itself – that’s good. And it just happens to be exactly 28 days after my last cycle. On a negative note, based on my progesterone levels last Wednesday I had not ovulated, which would make this a non-ovulatory cycle.

Anyways, regardless of whether it was ovulatory or not it sounds like my next treatment cycle will be starting way sooner than originally anticipated. Since I was expecting to have to take HRT to induce a cycle I didn’t think treatment would start again until mid September. With this latest turn of events I will be starting this week.

Oh, and for right now I’ve decided to hold off on the referral to Vancouver. The reason being, I really like my doctor and the nurses at my current clinic and I don’t feel like dealing with the whole ordeal of switching clinics right now which will require more baseline testing and orientation appointments and blah blah.

If and when we decide to pursue IVF we will definitely do it through Vancouver but for now while we’re trying these different medication combos I will stick with the Kelowna Fertility Centre.

Will be back later this week with an update!


2 thoughts on “A long awaited update

  1. I’m glad that your doctor listened to you and is in favor of doing another round, great to hear about the Estrogen levels and all the other information in this post! Thanks for updating us.


  2. I am glad that there is another combination of meds that you can try before exploring the more expensive route of IVF. I hope that your body responds to these medications this time around! And it’s nice that you’ll do it for more days so you can give your body more time to respond. Fingers crossed you see some results!!!


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