Cycle Day 4… time to start on the Letrazole (Femara)

So I was supposed to start taking Letrazole (also known as Femara) yesterday but my estrogen levels were still too high (in the 400’s) as of Monday’s blood test so I held off. Yesterday my estrogen levels were down in the 200’s so I started the Letrazole today. I take it for 5 days and then start Gonal F injections again on Monday. I got 12 days worth of injectibles this time so hopefully using them for longer will help stimulate my body to recruit a follicle. Clearly my body did start to do *something* last month since my estrogen level was in the 900’s on Day 23 of my cycle but my progesterone level on that day was also too low for ovulation so this is definitely an anovulatory cycle, which at least I’m still having a cycle, but I just wish it was related to an ovulation!

Anyways, I am trying to be much more easy going about this treatment cycle. Last time I booked my vacation to coincide with my cycle in case I had to go in for an IUI but it just stressed me out more trying to coordinate around my vacation! I can book a last minute flight if I need to go down and I will cross that bridge when we get there! For now I will just focus on taking my medications, going for my blood tests and remembering that whatever will be, will be. My body did SOMETHING last cycle or else my estrogen levels never would have went so high and I also wouldn’t have had my very first natural cycle since November 2015 — that’s huge for me!! So I know it’s just a matter of finding the right combination of medications before the money runs out… I’m just so grateful we have some coverage to help out with this experimentation phase.

And fingers crossed the Femara/Letrazole doesn’t make me as crazy emotional as the Clomid did. That was not fun!


2 thoughts on “Cycle Day 4… time to start on the Letrazole (Femara)

  1. Good luck lady! I hope that having a different state of mind about things this time around helps a bit. I am hoping and praying that this combination of drugs works and that you are less emotional as I am sure that was a really hard side effect to deal with! I’ll be thinking of you guys!!


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