An Update

Last week was my 28th birthday. On my 27th birthday, in September 2015, we had been trying to get pregnant since April – so 5 months. I didn’t have a POF diagnosis yet and I was just in the early stages of finding out what was going on with my body. I thought for sure it was just taking a bit longer than most people and I was certain I would at least be pregnant, if not have a baby, by my 28th birthday.

I’m no longer so certain about that for my 29th birthday, which is 360 days away. I am not even certain we will have a baby by my 30th birthday. I hope we do. But if we aren’t successful using my eggs I know it will take some time to come to terms with – and save money for – either donor eggs or adoption. Not to mention the onerous process / paperwork that is involved in those two options.

Anyways, I was a little blue on my 28th birthday last week but we went away camping and hiking for the weekend and ended up having a great weekend together.

This morning I chatted with the office manager at Genesis Fertility Clinic in Vancouver, BC and I have a phone appointment set up for the afternoon of Monday, September 26. We have to go through all of the annoying things that come with a new doctors office like getting more blood tests done. For example, they are going to retest my AMH. Anyways, once all that testing is done and I have the appointment on September 26 I will have more of an update on next steps moving forward. I plan to tell the doctor I want to do multiple egg retrievals back-to-back to try and get some high quality embryos frozen. I’ve been told if you do it this way they will push your body harder with the drugs to try and get more eggs. Then I can spend some time resting and recuperating and getting ready for the frozen egg transfer. If we are even successful in retrieving some eggs and then those eggs successfully become embryos that is. One step at a time.

It’s going to be expensive, and include multiple trips to Vancouver this fall. I’m a little apprehensive about the whole thing, but I know we have to try for me to truly come to terms and be at peace with the alternative options. So here we go! I will be back with an update after September 26.