First IVF Cycle…and go!


Hi Everyone,

Long time no chat. I wanted to drop in quickly and let you all know that with my first injection of Lupron tonight we have officially started our first IVF cycle.

How did we get here so suddenly?

Well when I spoke with my doctor in November 2016 we were planning on shooting for a February IVF cycle and I had just gone back on HRT to manage my night sweats, hot flashes and irritability – all symptoms of POF. I started taking Prometrium instead of Provera (a different kind of progesterone) because the provera made me bloat so badly. I also learned that I need to take estrogen DAILY and then take prometrium 10 days of the month. So I started the HRT and November, no cycle, December no cycle, January no cycle. Clearly the HRT was only bringing on cycles before because I was (mistakenly) going off the estrogen.

We were going to go off the estrace on February 10 to force a cycle because as soon as my estrogen levels drop I would bleed automatically, but then 3 days ago I suddenly got a bleed. And it was heavy, and strong. It was also 15 days after my last dose of prometrium so it’s possible I even ovulated. The doctor said there was no point in delaying and she recommended I start my medications now.


40 or 50 frantic emails with the IVF coordinator / nurse and a big box of medications were Fed Ex’d up to me today. I did my first dose of Lupron tonight and will be getting up at midnight to do another, then tomorrow I will be on the regular 6am and 6pm timetable. I am doing a Micro-dose Lupron protocol that includes lupron, gonal F and menopur.

Already between the meds and the clinics monitoring fee this has cost us over $5,000. If we make it to egg retrieval (which don’t get me wrong, I’d be thrilled about) that would be another $5,000. All this to say, that this is kind of our ‘one shot’ at IVF. I don’t want to continue throwing money and hopes & dreams at it if it doesn’t work. This is my ‘closure’ IVF. I knew that I had to give it one last good solid try with my OE (own eggs) before moving onto donor egg IVF.

I am really just focusing on taking it one step at a time right now. Focusing on mixing my medications properly, taking my injections and just making it through the days. I will go for my first blood test on February 1 and will report back then on how things are coming along. I also splurged and bought the Circle & Bloom IVF Meditation program as I really am a strong believer in the mind/body connection. I’ll be doing my first session before bed tonight.

Please keep us in your thoughts / prayers etc. Thank you!


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