ALL the updates


Holy moly you guys, do I have ALL the updates for you. First of all, I started an infertility instagram account and that is the best place to go if you want really current updates on what is going on with me and my infertility treatments.

So basically I started my micro-dose lupron IVF cycle at the end of January. I did 0.2 ml of a diluted lupron dose morning and night and then added in 225 IU menopur in the morning and 225 IU gonal F in the evenings. I did this for 11.5 days. The highest my estrogen got was 62. After 11.5 days of stims we should almost be ready to trigger, so my estrogen should have been closer to 1,000 and it was friggin SIXTY TWO. So disappointing.

The numbers I shared on Instagram: 11.5 days. 50 injections. $3,000. And a cancelled cycle. 

But I knew this was what I needed to move onto donor eggs and truly leave my own eggs behind, and I was grateful for the closure.

Anyways, as you all may remember from last summer, 12 days after I stopped taking my stims in my first IUI cycle my estrogen jumped to over 900 and I got my first natural period in 10 months.

So I asked my doctor if I could continue to be monitored. They told me to go for a blood test on Wednesday (one week after my last injection).

I went on Wednesday and found out today (Thursday afternoon) that my estrogen has jumped up to 462. Huge increase in a week! Especially since after 11 days it only went from 19 to 60…. My LH was also 7.6 which is a NORMAL range – also good news because with my condition I tend to have elevated LH levels and it being at 7.6 means I haven’t ovulated yet.

The nurse wants me to come to Kelowna so they can do a scan and check on my follicles. So I am flying to Kelowna tomorrow night (Friday), spending the night in Vancouver and arriving in Kelowna at 8:15am on Saturday morning. I have a 9:30am ultrasound to check on my follicles.

I did take an ovulation test tonight (the expensive kind! the below box of 10 tests cost me $80) and unfortunately it showed up as “low”, which was a bit disappointing. But I will take two more ovulation tests tomorrow and we will see what the scan shows on Saturday… Also, even though it showed up as “low” I have had egg white cervical mucus and very sore nipples – signs of ovulation for me, so fingers crossed it’s on it’s way!!

Hopefully it shows some follicles growing! And if they are fully mature we are going to trigger ovulation, fly my husband down and do an IUI. I’m not super excited about doing an IUI as I know the success rate is much, much lower. But it’s worth a shot, right?!


So that’s where I’m at. So much craziness. So much money spent. So so so much money. But, I know if it works it will all be worth it. And if it doesn’t work, well we have 30 more years to work and pay off any debts we accumulate trying. I don’t think I will ever regret trying my very hardest to have a baby with my own eggs.

That’s my update! Kind of crazy. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that the scan on Saturday goes well and we see some follicles. I will post more updates on instagram for sure, and hopefully on here soon. Stay tuned!