January 2015 – stopped taking birth control pills after 10 years

March – May 2015 – started having severe hot flashes and night sweats that impacted my quality of life

May 2015 – first round of blood work revealed high LH and high FSH levels. This was NOT a Day 3 test.

June 2015 – finally got a cycle!

July 2015 – 14 days after my June cycle I got another cycle in July that lasted for 9 days.

  • Day 4 (couldn’t get there for Day 3) blood work showed:
    • FSH – 29.1
    • LH – 14.9

August 2015 – was referred to a OB/GYN

August – October 2015 – hot flashes and night sweats came back. It was awful.

November 2015 -got another cycle, conveniently right before my OB visit.

  • Day 3 blood work showed:
    • FSH – 35
    • LH – 27
    • Estrogen was normal levels at 243 IU/L

November 2015 – finally saw OB/GYN. Was sent for several more tests to rule out a gamut of other diseases and around the end of November 2015 I was handed the official diagnosis – Premature Ovarian Failure – and was referred to the Fertility Clinic. I went out to my car and sobbed.

January 2016 – had our first visit with the fertility clinic. Husband got tested and he is healthy. Talked about treatment options. Talked about donor eggs. I cried a lot.

February 2016 – Got my AMH test results (paid $175 for it – thanks Canada!) and results were <0.08.

November 2015 – February 2016 – took supplements & Chinese herbs and had weekly acupuncture appointments, which managed the hot flashes/night sweats but did not bring on a cycle. Did BBT but it drove me crazy with how all over the place it was (common for people with POF)

March 2016 – hot flashes and night sweats came back when I was in the middle of changing jobs and moving so I went on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) I take 2 mg of estrace (estrogen) per day and 10 mg of provera (progesterone) the last 10 days of every month. Haven’t had a hot flash or night sweat since I started it.

July 11, 2016 – Superovulation Orientation at the Fertility Clinic

July 18, 2016 – Cycle Day 1 for our first round of fertility treatments. Taking 100 mg of Clomid per day for 5 days followed by 150 IU of Gonal-F injected in my stomach for 6 days. Plan is for IUI if we can grow some follicles!

July, 2016 – Cycle canceled due to low estrogen.

August, 2016 – Estrogen hit 900+ levels just 12 days after my last stim. Then 5 days later I got my first natural cycle since November 2015.

August, 2016 – Started second round of fertility treatments. This time we did not do estrogen priming as it was a natural cycle and after 8 days of stimming with Gonal-F my estrogen levels were still below 100.

October, 2016 – Was referred to a new fertility clinic in Vancouver and was told by the doctor there that they could not work with me due to my high FSH. She wouldn’t even try doing treatments with me and told me I had a 0% chance of getting pregnant through fertility treatments.

November 15, 2016 – Appointment with my doctor at my old fertility clinic and we decided to try IVF in February of 2017 after I spend the next three months taking my supplements and eating healthy and trying to get my body ready for IVF.